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Alumni of SIT Pune

Rheeya Uppaal

Symbiosis Institute of Technology is a college which provides unique facilities and opportunities, which have helped me grow as a student. The college provides an entire semester for internship, compared to others who provide a few months or no time at all, which gives students like me a wonderful opportunity to grow our roots in the world of Computer Science and learn beyond the walls of the classroom. The college also has certain faculty members who are inclined towards scientific research and are very supportive of students who wish to learn and innovate. I am grateful to be a student at SIT and shall treasure my experiences here all my life.

Rheeya Uppaal, Distinguished Alumni

Symbiosis Institute of Technology has given me a lot of scope to explore all my skills and powersets in a very creative way. They have also given me a once in lifetime opportunity to go and explore research, culture and lifestyle in Japan. I was selected along with a few from other Symbiosis colleges to work on a research internship program at Ritsumeikan University in Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan. I had always dreamt of going abroad for studying and SIT made it a reality, changing my perspective and thinking towards the world. The education provided here is completely different from those in other colleges. It is more practical based than theoretical, benefitting students more at time of internships, jobs and research. Moreover, SIT is full of fun and surprises, with many such opportunities and celeb. I’m proud to be an alumni of SIT.

Pratik P Patil
Pratik P. Patil, Software Associate, Skylark Drones Bangalore

Saachi Dayal

I'm really grateful for all the opportunities that SIT had to offer. In particular, the Diploma in Business Management from SiBM and the 6 month internship semester both helped me widen my horizons and provided me with an insight into the professional world. The faculty and staff at SIT always gave us a well rounded understanding of the subjects and always encouraged us to look at things more practically than theoretically.

Saachi Dayal, Marketing and Promotions Executive, Retail (FMCG) at Olive Tree Alumnus, Mechanical Engineering

I am grateful to Symbiosis Institute of Technology for providing me an immense opportunity in research. They've made efforts in ensuring strong fundamental in both theoretical and practical approach. The Institute has one of the best curriculum in which student can get in hand experience of a professional life through 6 month semester program. The program had helped me in creating network and encouraged me to pursue my interest areas.

Samarth Kapila
Samarth Kapila, Embedded Engineer, Botlab Dynamic, IIT-Delhi

Nitish Garg

The academic experience with a world-class infrastructure and excellent faculty at Symbiosis Institute of Technology has endured me with a lifelong career excellence. This place is exciting as well as dynamic. The professors here make the university what it is today. The exceptional teaching methodologies and practical skills of the professors have given me the confidence to pursue my career ahead. The freedom to ask my doubts at any point of the day has made all my basics and logics perfectly clear. The support and motivation of the faculty members has enlightened me throughout my journey at SIT."

Nitish Garg, Pursuing Master's in Sensor System Technology at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Symbiosis Institute of Technology was not just a college for my academic growth. It satisfied all the criteria towards my personal and; professional development and made me industry ready before the end of my tenure. Vivid practices at the Civil department such as compulsory internship semester, project based learning, electives, courses such as six sigma and diploma in business management, all this not only works towards your technical development but also makes an impact on your global thinking perspective. It augments your scope and structures your vision to face any predicament you will face ahead in life. The civil department provided me with numerous opportunities based on my interest. I had also got the opportunity to study directly under industry experts. The infrastructure which the university provides is just mesmerizing. When it comes to civil department faculty, they left no stone unturned towards my growth and supported me at every step. No matter in-class or after class, they were always there to help us. I wish I could re-live my golden days at SIT Civil and cherish all the memories I made in that beautiful knowledge voyage.

Rajiv S Wadhwa
Rajiv S Wadhwa,, Former BIM Implementation Strategist, Current Masters’ student at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

Ms Karin  Koelho

My entry into SIT Pune was filled with equal parts of trepidation and excitement. Trepidation-as the move involved relocation, excitement – as new beginnings are always special. My stint in Civil Engineering at Symbiosis Institute of Technology has been a fruitful and rewarding experience. SIT has given wings to my aspirations. I was very fortunate to have the support of a totally dedicated and committed faculty at Civil department who have given me opportunities to unearth potential I didn’t know I possessed. Today, I can state with certainty that SIT Civil has played a crucial role in my choice of career. It gave me the courage to take up a non-technical role at Amazon despite graduating from a technical field. But that’s precisely what SIT Civil is all about. The experiences at Civil department , SIT guide you to move away from the confines of the chosen path and explore new horizons. To quote Robert Frost, ‘’I chose the road not taken.’’ My heartfelt gratitude to my faculty at the Civil department, SIT who have made me confident enough to meet the challenges of my job with equanimity. Their belief, that projects and research play an integral role in enriching one's degree in engineering, have helped me to enrich my portfolio. Civil department’s focus on personality development, emphasis on offering a plethora of co-curricular activities, especially sports and encouraging social gatherings with peer groups to hone communication skills were of immense help to me in securing a coveted post as A-listed Companies seek well balanced individuals with diverse interests and not just a good GPA. I owe my success to my alma mater.

Ms. Karin Koelho,, Senior Associate, Compliance Operations, Amazon

CESS has worked for the glory of CIVIL Department and indirectly for the higher standards of SIT. The journey of mine with CESS started with a volunteering task followed by event volunteering and finally with the crown of responsibility on my head says it be planning of event, management of event, framing of event, team spirit, loop holes etc. This presidential post with various responsibilities makes me feel proud to complete my name. Started with the planning of a stupendous event for the first time in India and bringing it to success was the benchmark to achieve from the motivation which I gained from my past experience. The experience as a President of CESS has engulfed in me the skills which were needed for me as a CIVIL Engineer and as an SITian. The entire Civil Department has poured the water for me as a seed to grow and spread the fragrance.

Kapil Shah
Kapil Shah,, Business Analyst and Engineer , Keller Ground Engineering, India