Symbiosis Institute of Technology is a college which provides unique facilities and opportunities, which have helped me grow as a student. The college provides an entire semester for internship, compared to others who provide a few months or no time at all, which gives students like me a wonderful opportunity to grow our roots in the world of Computer Science and learn beyond the walls of the classroom. The college also has certain faculty members who are inclined towards scientific research and are very supportive of students who wish to learn and innovate. I am grateful to be a student at SIT and shall treasure my experiences here all my life.

Rheeya Uppaal, Distinguished Alumni

Symbiosis Institute of Technology has given me a lot of scope to explore all my skills and powersets in a very creative way. They have also given me a once in lifetime opportunity to go and explore research, culture and lifestyle in Japan. I was selected along with a few from other Symbiosis colleges to work on a research internship program at Ritsumeikan University in Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan. I had always dreamt of going abroad for studying and SIT made it a reality, changing my perspective and thinking towards the world. The education provided here is completely different from those in other colleges. It is more practical based than theoretical, benefitting students more at time of internships, jobs and research. Moreover, SIT is full of fun and surprises, with many such opportunities and celeb. I’m proud to be an alumni of SIT.

Pratik P. Patil, Software Associate, Skylark Drones Bangalore

I'm really grateful for all the opportunities that SIT had to offer. In particular, the Diploma in Business Management from SiBM and the 6 month internship semester both helped me widen my horizons and provided me with an insight into the professional world. The faculty and staff at SIT always gave us a well rounded understanding of the subjects and always encouraged us to look at things more practically than theoretically.

Saachi Dayal, Marketing and Promotions Executive, Retail (FMCG) at Olive Tree Alumnus, Mechanical Engineering