Facilities Workshop


Workshop department is fully equipped with latest machines, provides facilities like CNC lathe, Industrial Lathe with DRO, Milling Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, EDM, TIG & MIG Welding M/c, Oil Fired Furnace, Wear Testing Machine, Power Press etc. Department conducts various machining practicals by which students get ample information on different materials in engineering practices with respect to their workability, formability and machinability with hand tools and power tools to develop skills through hands on experience.

The department is heavily involved in carrying out the manufacturing activities with the help of sophisticated equipment for the research and training of the undergraduate students in every semester. With the assistance of qualified technical staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students are able to carry out the fabrication work for their B.Tech, M.Tech as well as Ph.D. project work.

Head of the Department

Mr. Shahid Tamboli

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification:M.Tech (Mechanical-Design)

Area of interest:Stress analysis, Composite materials and Optimization

Exp.(Years) :8.5 Years

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering and received Masters Degree in Mechanical Design with the specialization in Design from Pune University.

Manufacturing Practical

Manufacturing practical from different engineering work-trades like Welding, Fitting, Smithy, Injection Moulding, Carpentry, Pattern Making, Foundry, Machining etc are conducted in this department for the students of various disciplines. All the students of F.Y.B.Tech. irrespective of their disciplines and the students from Mechanical Engineering from second year onwards perform practicals in this department.

During this work they are exposed to different raw materials, tools, machinery, operations, measuring instrument etc. The journey of their work begins from manual working and extends up to CNC machining and non-conventional machining like EDM. To carry out this work the department is well equipped with machines like lathe, milling, drilling, grinding, shaping, welding, MIG, TIG, CNC lathe, EDM and Wear & Friction Monitoring Machine.

Do's & Dont's

Apart from the technical inputs, emphasis is also given on cultivating safe practices and quality consciousness among the students.

Workshop Facilities (common to all branches)


Machine Shop


CNC Lathe Machine,Model-GT-10 ( HAAS make)


Electro Discharge Machine (EDM) (Electronica Make)


Wear & Friction Monitoring Machine-TR-20LE


Universal Milling M/c,Model- UF1( BFW make)


Tool & cutter grinder, Model-UTC-250T(Sigma make)


Surface Grinding m/c,Table-450x250mm(Sigma MK)


Shaping M/c-Stroke Length -12” (SMT Make)


Slotting m/c, Stroke Length-10”(Ganesh Make)


All geared Lathe-5..5’ with DRO System(Hicut make)


Back geared Lathes-4 ½’,( Anil make)


Back geared Lathe -4 ½’(Olympic Make)


Hydraulic power saw m/c-8”(Jaswant Make)


Bench grinder  wheel dia.300 mmm


Hydraulic Pallet Cap. 2.5 tonne
  Kuka Robot
  Electro Pneumatic Training Kit




Carpentry Shop & Pattern making Shop


Wood turning Lathe m/c


Portable drilling m/c,Cap.13mm (KPT Make)


Power Planner


Power Sander


Power Circular Saw 185mm, Model-C7


Power Router


Power Jig Saw


Other Hand Tools




Welding Shop


CO2/MIG welding-3000Amp (Technocrat Make-300)


TIG Welding-170 Amp (Technocrat Make-170)


Arc Welding-TPA-403 (Ador Make)


Arc Welding, Cap.35-200Amp.(Master arc make)


Spot Welding-6KVA (Electroweld Make)


Oxy-acetylene Gas Cutting


Portable grinder Wheel Dia.4”(Dewalt Make)


Cut off saw m/c Wheel dia.355 mm Dwalt Make


Other Hand Tools




Foundry & Black Smithy Shop


Open fire Hearth


Oil Fire Furnace


Pedestal Grinder Wheel Dia.300mm (Rajlaxmi)


Anvil, 100 Kg


Swage Block, 12”x12”x6”




Fitting shop & Sheet Metal Shop


Radial Drilling m/c ,Mod.R-25 (P.Parmar Make)


Bench Drilling m/c (Dalip Make)


Surface Plate, Size-24”x24” (Luthra Make)


Shearing m/c Size -12”


Power Press-10 Tons(Dhanlaxmi Make)


Other Hand Tools & Measuring Tools




Injection Moulding Shop


Plastic Injection Moulding m/c ½ ounce


Different Dies for Moulding

Workshop Faculty:

Sr.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
1 Prof. Shahid Tamboli Head, Workshop Dept. M.Tech (Mechanical-Design) 8.5 Years
2 Mr. D.F. Gaikwad Trade Instructor ITI Black Smithy
17 Years
3 Mr. Sunil N. Chavat Workshop Instructor ITI (Fitter) NCTVT 10 Years
4 Mr. Narayan S. Sutar Workshop Instructor ITI (Machinist), NCTVT, DME, AMIE (Pursuing) 6 Years
5 Mr. Shailesh R. Urunkar Workshop Instructor ITI (Machinist), NCTVT,
7 Years
6 Mr. Vilas R. Tekale Workshop Instructor ITI (Welder), NCTVT,
BA. B.Ed.
9.5 Years
7 Mr. Digambar K. Angre Asst. Workshop Instructor 7th Pass 26 Years
8 Mr. Dhananjay Dhamale Workshop Attendant HSC, MCVC 7.5 Years