6th National Convention on Ferrocement

Civil Engineering Department, SIT is jointly organizing 6th National Convention on Ferrocement from 12th to 14th November 2021 with Ferrocement Society of India.
This "6th National Convention on Ferrocement" with Precast Ferrocement as this year's theme, would be held at Firodiya Auditorium, Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune. 
Link for Registration: 


Civil Engineering Department


Cess team and faculty with the winner of Constructo Event

Participant of Constructo Event doing the testing of the model in water tank

Prof.Mugdha Kshirsagar explaining the Participants about the Dimensions Event in the GT Lab

Mechanical Engineering Department

The design of the Mechanical Department was divided into 3 sections - Army, Navy and Airforce. Each division had a huge model to represent the forces.  The army was represented by a tank, the navy by a model of a ship carrier and the airforce  by a model of a fighter plane. 

The students also build two lighthouses that were used as markings to conduct a game of "who flies the paper plane the farthest", for the professors. 

Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering Department

LT. CMDE. ELSTON officially declaring TECHELA open

Mr.Neeraj and his team in the IOT seminar


Electronics and Telecommunication

Vidhyut 2020

The tagline adopted this year was “FUTURE IS INCOGNITO” which highlighted the expectations of the next ten years.

Multiple competitions were held as a part of this techfest. The competitions include Poster presentation, Project making, Roborace, Robo-Soccer, Pick and Place, Laser Tag, Angry Bird, Whack A mole, Speedometer, Angry Bird, etc.

Chief Guest Mr. Fernandez and Dr. Khedkar, Faculty Incharge Administration, SIT on the dias

Robo maze