International Collaborations and initiatives:

Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT) is a constituent of prestigious Symbiosis International University (SIU) which has collaborations with Universities in France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Portugal, USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand to promote various forms of academic collaborations.

The number of International students joining B.Tech and M.Tech programmes at SIT is increasing with each passing year. There are students studying in the institute from countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Mauritius, UAE, Qatar, Eritrea, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Ethiopia etc. The institute provides them all the necessary support with regard to academics, administrative, medical facilities, issues related with Foreigners’ Registration Office etc. The International Cell of Symbiosis Institute of Technology oversees and coordinates all the International initiatives of the Institute under the guidance of Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE).  The Cell strives to enrich the academic and cultural experience of it’s international students and faculty.  It provides information and advice to the students and faculty about-us-the-institute different international programs available at Symbiosis and also centralises, coordinates and handles international knowledge based collaborative activities at the institute. It promotes students and faculty mobility to foreign Universities.

International cell at SIT has also initiated “Buddy programme” for foreign students in which one Indian student, preferably from Pune, is assigned the responsibility of one foreign student. His/her role is to set up individual connection with the international student, orient him/her with various programmes, places and the good student practices at SIT, help in building a globally minded community, offer peer support in finding ways to be actively involved on campus and acquaint the International student with rich Indian culture and traditions and learn about-us-the-institute the good practices of their culture. The international cell mentors the International students and encourages them to participate in various cultural, sports and community services related events organised by the institute. It also organises the talks, visits of distinguished foreign academicians and researchers.

Faculty Programs Scholar-In-Residence

This program was developed to share best academic practices, developing in house global competencies and international links. Some of the activities that the Scholar is expected are conducting Guest lecturers/workshops/symposia, participation in teaching, review and internationalizing the curriculum, development and evaluation of research, faculty development program/ faculty Seminar, Conceptualizing-contributing and editing research journals, joint paper presentations in international conferences.

The Scholar in Residence Dr. Somasundaram from Columbia University delivering a talk on Nano technology

 Faculty Exchange

SIT encourages faculty to visit foreign Universities to teach a course of short term. This motivates the faculty to get an opportunity to teach or conduct joint research focusing on the Indian or comparative perspective.

Distinguished guests from abroad visiting SIT

Visits of foreign delegates

Eminent academicians and scientists are invited to visit SIT and interact with faculty and students. More than 22 foreign delegates visited SIT and shared their knowledge and ideas with faculty and students. Lectures of eminent faculty of international repute are organized.