Global Immersion Programme

Symbiosis has formalized its international initiatives vide which the students go to the renowned universities abroad and study some courses there. This arrangement has been named as Global Immersion Programme. Courses offered by some selected partner institutes abroad have been carefully studied and own courses adjusted in such a way that a student can choose the courses of his choice which are equivalent to his normal courses at Symbiosis. Thus he can go to a university abroad for a period of one semester and the credit of the courses qualified abroad can be given to him in his normal studies. This arrangement exposes the student to global environment.

The Global Immersion programme (GIP) accords students an opportunity to study abroad for a semester, attend summer school, internships with international partners.

Semester Abroad Program

Under this program, students study one Semester at any of the following Universities abroad with mutual recognition of the credit hours arising there from. The Institute follows the Cumulative Grade Point system which gives flexibility for transfer of credits.

  1. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  2. Ingolstadt University, Germany
  3. Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis, U.S.A

SIT students participating in Semester Abroad Programme

Summer Schools

Students are encouraged to attend summer schools in foreign universities usually lasting for two to four weeks. Summer Schools give them an opportunity to gain international experience. SIT students attend the Summer School at the following institutes abroad:

  1. Telecom Ecole de Management, Paris, France
  2. Berlin School of Law and Economics, Germany

Semester Exchange Program

Students from International collaborating universities come to SIT for one semester and SIT students go to these universities for one semester. This gives opportunity to students to experience new cultures, changing their way of thinking. The University has designed programs to encourage outward mobility of students.

Students from Ethiopia participating in Cultural fest Reverb