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Warm Welcome to the Symbiosis family!

We would like to introduce our new keen members about Special Features of the institute and glimpse of SIT culture.

This introduction drive will commence with a briefing by Hon. Director. Our various Heads of the departments will give insights on Academic Development Opportunities.

Apart from academics, get familiar with our various extracurricular activities. To mention a few here, are Cultural programs., Social clubs, Technical clubs, Tinker Labs, Sports, etc.

Please don't miss our specialized internationalization which explains about internship opportunities and semester exchange experiences of students at various worldwide universities.

These all-round facilities, infrastructure, and guidance help students to develop an all-round personality.

With the sudden change in the work environment, we have quickly adapted to new technologies to overcome the COVID pandemic situation.

Now we are successfully reaching our students on various new teaching-learning platforms.

You may like to go through the excellent experiences shared by faculty and students.

Various webinars conducted by the institute to reach out to our students & parents are available for future reference and guidance.

Here are links for the drives with all information:

B.Tech and Lateral link

M.Tech Link