1) Symbiosis Advantage

Symbiosis is one of India's leading educational Institutions imparting quality education for over 40 years. Symbiosis was established in 1971, by Dr. S. B. Mujumdar, Founder & President, Symbiosis and Chancellor, Symbiosis International University. The primary objective is to promote international understanding through quality education. Over the years, Symbiosis has grown in size and stature and is recognized by stakeholders as one of the preferred destinations for higher education in India.

In recognition of the excellent contribution in the field of education, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, conferred the 'Deemed to be University' status on Symbiosis in 2002.

2) Options to qualify a special Diploma from SIBM

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management is one of the top ranked business schools of the country. The Institute is also located on the Lavale campus. All students of SIT can opt for and quality a special diploma from SIBM during their course of studies at SIT. This arrangement gives the students an insight into basic functions of management like marketing, finance, human resources and operations, in addition to polishing their communication and inter-personal skills. The students are exposed to these aspects at an early age as compared to students of other management programmes. This helps a great deal in making the leaned concepts and techniques of management to become a part of their personality and their normal way of life.

3) Six month Industry Internship

A salient feature of the curriculum is a six month Internship in Industry (Project Semester), totally devoted to carrying out projects in the Industry. Students of all undergraduate programme have to undertake project semester. They have an option to undertake this internship training in industry, either in India or abroad. They can also be placed for this period in a reputed university or institutions abroad. The students are encouraged to take up projects in various areas of industry to augment their theoretical learning. The emphasis during the 'Project Semester' is on exposing the students to real life problems in their chosen field of work and finding their solutions, using a systematic and logical approach employing latest tools and techniques.

4) Effective Industry-Interface: Pune is an Industrial Hub

Pune has a presence of many big industrial units. Almost all kinds of industry like automobile, machinery, IT, computers, electrical and electronics and food processing exist in Pune. Symbiosis being one of the top educational group has good relations with these companies. Some institutes of Symbiosis regularly conduct MDPs for many of these companies. In the B. Tech. programme there has been industry participation in curriculum development, guest lectures, industrial visits and projects.

5) Diverse Demographic Backgrounds of Students

SIT attracts students from all parts of the country. There are students from J&K, HP, Haryana, NCR region, MP, West Bengal, Kerala, AP and many other states. This diversity makes SIT a wonderful place for peer learning.

6) Study of Liberal Arts and Performing Arts

It has been recognized world over that all professionals have to be good human beings. They should have managerial qualities which include team spirit, concern for human values, respect for human dignity and an ability to accomplish objectives through participation of all. To produce professionals who have all these qualities in addition to their domain knowledge, all renowned Institutes in the USA and other developed countries are now laying a great emphasis on the study of Liberal Arts and performing Arts. Having realized this need, Symbiosis Institute of Technology has brought this aspect into the curriculum of B. Tech. programme.

7) Inter Institutional Credit Transfer

Symbiosis Institutes have a unique programme of letting students choose some defined number of courses from other Symbiosis Institutes. For example, a student from Symbiosis Institute of Technology can study a course from Symbiosis Law School (e. g. On patents and copyrights) or from Symbiosis Institute of Design (e.g. product design) and so on. This is in line with the concept of free electives or Depth courses and Breadth courses existing in IITs and other renowned Institutes. The added advantage here is that there are a large number of relevant courses available in Symbiosis Institutes.

8) Global Immersion Programme

Symbiosis has formalized its international initiatives vide which the students go to the renowned universities abroad and study some courses there. This arrangement has been named as Global Immersion Programme. Courses offered by some selected partner institutes abroad have been carefully studied and own courses adjusted in such a way that a student can choose the courses of his choice which are equivalent to his normal courses at Symbiosis. Thus he can go to a university abroad for a period of one semester and the credit of the courses qualified abroad can be given to him in his normal studies. This arrangement exposes the student to global environment.