Mechanical Engineering - Final Year Projects

B.Tech Batch2011-15

Group No Project Title
1 Analytical & experimental study of forced convection, evacuated tube solar collector for air heating application
2 Design & development of automatic trash collector
3 Design of electric car for handicapped people
4 Tempetrature reduction using solar energy
5 Design and fabrication of transmission system for conversion of gasoline vehicle into electric vehicle
6 Design and adoption of electrical system for conversion of gasoline vehicle into electric vehicle
7 Fabrication of a CNG powered motor cycle
8 Design, analysis and  fabrication of a CNG powered motor cycle
9 Anthropomorphic Robotic Arm
10 Eco friendly & cost effective refrigeration with the usage of vortex tubes
11 Glass climbing robot using suction mechanism
12 Optimization of foot step power generation system
13 Investigation of cutting forces, tool wear and surface roughness
14 Near-Dry Machining
15 Energy from recycling of Waste tyres
16 Feasibility study of friction stir welding of ASS and mild steel
17 Solar water heating system using parabolic concentrator
18 Finite difference method analysis oa a solar flat plate collector
19 Design and architecting of blended wing body for commercial aircraft
20 Dynamic action of Jet
21 Synthesis and application of rice husk ash for development of MMC
22 Sun Tracking solar panel
23 Microstructure characterization of austenitic 304 grade S.S. & comparision with austenitic 202 S.S.
24 Electric Go-Kart
25 Reduction of residuals from exhaust gas of I.C.Engine
26 Analysis & utilization of unburnt carbon from fly ash for AFBC boiler
27 Development of Pneumatic Prototypes
28 Manufacturing of microchannel using PCM Process
29 Electric Discharge Machining of metal matrix composite

B.Tech Batch2009-13

Group No Project Title
1 Analytical and experimental study of forced convection evacuated tube solar collector used for drying
2 Design , development and testing of u tube lean angle sensors
3 Process optimisation and modelling of die sinking edm machining
4 Design and Dev. Of attachment to locate centre of indentation
5 Design and development of ESP
7 Electricity generation through kinetic energy of an automobile
8 Automatic Self torque Adjustment Vehicle
9 Solar Operated dryer
11 Stress analysis of master leaf spring by experimental, analytical and FEM
12 Design of trigger system for 40mm UBGL
13 6DOF parallel robotic manipulator
14 Improvment of refrigerating effect
15 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
16 Heat Pipe
17 Modelling and Identification of Crack in Cantilever Beam Using Finite Element Model and Artificial Neural Network
18 Optimisation of vortex tube
19 Ultrasonic Braking System