Electronics and Telecommunication - Final Year Projects

List of Project of 2014-15

Batch: 2011-2015

Sr. No.   Title
1 Surveillance Robot
2 Key Less Entry System
3 Automotive Automation System & Security
4 Thermistor Respiratory Monitor
5 Biometric Voting Machine
6 Interface Controlled Automation System
7 NFC And PIN Code Based Atm Machine
8 Robotic Arm Control Using Haptic Technology
9 Router Implementation On Fpga
10 Solar Powererd Led Street Light With Intensity Control
11 Tongue Drive System
12 Light Fidelity
13 Wireless Glove Controller
14 Swarm Robots
15 Home Automation Using Voice Control
16 Battery Operated Usb Flash Drive Data Logger
17 PIC 16F877A Controller Using Robotic Assembly

List of Project of 2013-14 Sem:II

Batch: 2010-2014

Sr. No   Title
1 Alcohol Breacth Analyzing circuit using 8051
2 Automotive Embeddded System with sensors
3 Beetband Sleeve
4 Benchmark Automation at nVIDIA
5 Bionic Arm
6 Bluethooth Remote Home Automation & Security System
7 Digital Comprehensive Gear Indicator
8 Intelligent Hospital Management System
9 Electronics Guide for the blind
10 GSM based Home Monitoring System
11 Gesture Controlled Navigation of a Quadcopter
12 GPS Reciver based on Software Defined Radio
13 GSM based Digital Notice Board
14 Intelligent Guide stick for blind
15 Onboard Car Diagnostic System
16 Optical Near Point Acess
17 RF based Temperature Traceability for Food Safety
18 Robot Navigation with Image Processing
19 Sentagun- A Tracking Device
20 Traiable Robotic Arm
21 Two way Street Light Intensity Control Depending on Vehicle Movement
22 Vehicle Tracking and Locking System