Civil Engineering - Final Year Projects



B.Tech Batch 2011-15

Academic Year 2014-15

07215706 Project

Group No   Topic
1 Use of Project Planning Tool for Planning and Managing Residential Building
2 Study and Quanitification of Land Use and Land Cover Mapping using RS and GIS : A Case Study of Pune City
3 Implementation of  Microsoft Project as Project Planner at Khed-Sinnar Express- Way Limited NH-50
4 Feasibility Study on Cement Treated Sub-Base and Base layers of Service Roads
5 Analysis on seismic behaviour of high rise bldg by changing the location of Shear wall for different soil condition
6 Comparitive Study of Strength of Whitetopping Pavement With Addition of Fly Ash and Polypropelene Fiber
7 Evaluating the effects of change in concentration of contaminant using conceptual sand model
8 Study of Impact of safety on construction scheduling
9 Comparision in the use of VG-30 bitumen & VG-40 in flexible pavement construction - A case study of
Khed-Sinnar Express Highway

B.Tech Batch 2010-14

Academic Year 2013-14

07215814 Project

Group No   Topic
1 Analyzing factors leading to construction project success using TISM
2 Foundation Soil Improving Techniques, A Case Study in Pune
3 Road Safety Audit for Pune - Solapur NH-9 Section
4 Water leak detection using Helium Mass Spectrometer Method
5 Application of Waste Foundry sand in the Manufacturing of Bricks and comparison with conventional bricks
6 Use of Waste Foundry sand in pavement construction (Proportion and application)
7 Use of Waste Foundry sand in Low cost concrete (Proportion and application)
8 Experimental Study On Utilization of Waste Foundry Sand for Evolution of Green and Economical Concrete
9 Waste to Energy