Student conference 2014

Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT) is organizing a Student Conference on Emerging Technologies and Innovation (StuCon - 2014), on August 19-20, 2014. The idea of the conference stemmed from a realization that students of all engineering programs should know fast developments taking place in various disciplines and should be able to identify future areas of research, particularly involving low cost and benefits at grass root level.


The conference will focus on the following specific areas:


Energy Conservation and Alternative Sources of Energy
Smart Homes, Homeland Security and Disaster Management.
Health and Medicine
Developments in Space Science

The main focus of the papers to be presented by the students will be an account of ‘state of the art’ of the identified area and need for further research and projects. For this the students will have to augment their existing knowledge through a systematic literature review. For each of the above four broad areas, mentors from SIT will guide the students. Papers on exceptional projects carried out by students will also be included for presentation/poster sessions.

Prizes will be given to the high quality papers adjudged first and second in each category.
Students of undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs of all disciplines can participate in the conference.