Regional Conference on Radio Science January 2-5, 2014, Pune, India

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Symbiosis Institute of Technology hosted the Regional Conference of Radio Science (RCRS 2014) from January 2-5, 2014. The international conference was organized by Indian Committee for International Radio Science Union (INC-URSI) and was attended by over 150 delegates. Delegates from Japan, Netherlands, USA, France, Singapore, UK, Canada and Nigeria also attended the conference, underlining the international nature and scope of the conference. Premier government research organizations and institutes such as Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), National Atmospheric Research Lab (NARL), Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT) and Physical Research Laboratory (PRL) also participated in the event.

The chief objective of the conference was to strengthen the understanding of natural and man-made electromagnetic environment. Presentations were made and discussions were held on topics as esoteric as variations in the space environment that may affect space weather and space based services such as satellite telecommunications and also topics as ubiquitous as effect of electromagnetic radiations from cellular telephony on the human body.

The conference featured a student paper competition and a Young Scientist Award was also given out to encourage and motivate young scientists and researchers.

An important outcome of this conference was the announcement of the establishment of a research center for radio science studies at Symbiosis Institute of Technology.